My submission for my first-ever game jam. This is for the 2022 Jam with the theme "Death is only the beginning". I had a 10-day time limit, so there are bugs and features I wish I had more time to implement. Still, I'm very happy with the progress I made as a Unity newbie! 

This is an endless runner, the goal is just to get the highest score you can.

My game was played by the jam organizers! Check it out at 1:26:02

About The Game

This game is based on an anime trope. There is a very popular genre of anime called isekai where characters are sent into another world. It's VERY common for them to be sent to another world by being hit by a truck. If you look up truck-kun you'll see many memes about this trope. For these characters, death is only the beginning as they are propelled into a new world to face the unknown and go on countless adventures!

In this game you play as our ACTUAL hero, Truck-Kun!

Some Known Bugs

- Lag gets bad later. Either from the fact that there are a lot of prefabs or from speeding up and spawning them faster. This is something I don't know how to fix yet, but I have an idea of what I need to learn to improve it. (Pooling? Destroying the prefabs behind the player? Too high on Z Axis?(the road really should be what moves instead of the player)

 - Collision on sidewalks. I had put colliders on the side of the road to keep the player on it. This somewhat works, but sometimes people can glitch through those colliders and drive into the buildings. Also, it sometimes introduces a bounce back onto the road leading to a crash. If I had to go back I'd probably just lock the truck's position with math along the x axis so it couldn't go too far.

- The voice lines don't always trigger on the obstacles if you hit from the side or back of the truck. 

- A handful of other minor things like side obstacles not triggering properly and the sound not being loud enough/too loud. Just things I didn't have time to polish.


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A funny concept which fits this theme perfectly for those who get the reference! I got to 10 heroes before the lag really kicked in, and crashed at 13 (unlucky)! It doesn't have to be a sad ending, maybe Truck-kun would also like to start life over in another world.


Super enjoyed the voice over. Hilarious :) Well done. Unfortunatly the game lagged in my browser so I was having a tough time not accidently driving into things.

Glad you enjoyed it. I'll have to learn how to optimize things in the future!